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Here you will find a series of fun printmaking classes designed as an introduction or taster session.


You can expect to learn some basic printmaking skills but the emphasis is on informal learning through creative play.


These playful classes can be an enjoyable group experiences too, if you have a group of three or more that would like to try one one these classes but perhaps on another date, contact the studio and let’s see if we can accommodate you.


We are able to host Company Away Days, workshops as Team Building Experiences or Educational Visits.



There are many ways to create an image to use as a stencil to print – Paper cut stencils are one of the simplest ways to get started as they require little in the way of equipment and can produce bold images and patterns.


In this class you will explore how to create simple and striking images using positive and negative paper stencils.


After a brief demonstration and a look at some previous examples you will go on to create your own artworks to take home.


No experience required. 


All equipment and materials provided, but feel free to bring some inspiration.


3 hours £45



This Screen Print taster workshop will be using photographic stencils to create an image that you can print on to paper up to A3 size fabric and /or a cotton tote bag.

It’s a chance to experience first hand what you can do with screen print… why not have a go at turning a drawing into a small print edition …or a bag…or hand printed greetings cards…the possibility of screen print is endless- Let this taster session wet your appetite for printing!


The process involves exposing an image onto a silk screen using a photographic technique, a method which allows a much greater degree of detail than a paper stencil.


You need to use a black and white image to create your screen, which then can be printed in any colour/ colours.


No print experience necessary.


All materials will be provided.


You will need to bring some original images in black and white – these can be doodles, drawings, artwork you have created digitally, photos or perhaps some words that you can use to create a colour print.

We can scan these at the studio [no larger than A3 size] or you can bring them saved as a jpeg or tiff on a memory stick.


4 hours £65



In this playful ‘hands on’ workshop we will be using simple screen printing techniques to create colourful artworks on A3 paper, or fabric, using photographic pattern stencils in conjunction with your hand cut paper stencils and masking technique.


After a brief demonstration and a look at some previous examples, we will cut a few stencils and prepare some water based printing inks, then you will get to play with layering colour and texture, mixing up the patterns, playing with colour and transparency to create a series of colourful artworks to take home.


This screen printing technique is quite liberating, as the name suggests the outcome can be a chance to experiment with colour and pattern. Its a great one for budding textile designers.


No experience required


All equipment and materials provided.



4 hours £80



This practical and fun one day print experience is an introduction to linocut / linoprint.


Linocut is a versatile way of producing a hand carved block which can be inked up and used to create multiple prints.


You will start by will start by creating a small block to familiarise yourself and different techniques of mark making. Then you will move on to create another block inspired by something you have brought with you.


We will cover and printing techniques that you can try at home plus printing using a press.

And you will leave with multiple prints of your block.


No experience required.


All equipment and materials are provided.


Need to bring:

  • A packed lunch
  • some inspiration for your linocut such as a sketchbook or photos


10.30am – 4pm £60



Learn about printing layers of colour in this relaxed, enjoyable hands on screen printing class.


After a brief practical demonstration of how to screen print, you will get straight into creating abstract artworks on paper layering bold blocks of colour in simple shapes, building up layers to create you composition.


You will have the chance to explore the possibilities of layering transparent colours on top each other to create extra colours, contrasting transparent colours with opaque colour blocks and introducing highlights such as lively fluorescent colours.


COLOUR PLAY  is stimulating way to learn about balancing colour and experience the joy screen printing brings.

You will have ten sheets of paper to print on  – and you can choose whether to print one artwork as an edition of ten or a series different compositions.


No experience required.


All equipment and materials are provided.


Need to bring – a packed lunch.


10.30am – 4pm £100