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Learn to cut and print lino with MSP

Linocut is a versatile way of producing a hand carved printing block which can be inked up and used to create multiple prints.

We have a couple of short courses for beginners or for those who would like to refresh their skills and a regular weekly drop in for those who would like to continue their lino print journey.

All our classes are designed around teaching small groups or individuals, so everyone receives ample attention and support, enabling our students to create and learn with confidence.



Discover Lino printing with this hands on course set over six sessions – giving you time and opportunity to carve and print several lino blocks in succession.


This is a chance to explore the craft and start developing your own style.


This course will include an introduction to the materials and cutting tools, cutting, carving and mark making with the lino tools and how to register and print your image both by hand burnishing and using our printing presses.


By having the time between sessions you will have the opportunity to do extra work on your blocks if desired but this is not essential, the aim is to become both proficient and confident with the cutting and printing processes, so you will be able to continue printing with lino at home by the time you have completed the course.


No experience required.


Need to bring – some inspiration for your lino cut such as a sketchbook or photos.


Equipment and some materials will be provided but students should expect to purchase some additional materials  – ie extra lino and paper – which you will be able to purchase from MSP if required.


6 x 2.5 hours sessions £180



This practical and fun one day print experience is an introduction to linocut / linoprint.


You will start by will start by creating a small block to familiarise yourself and different techniques of mark making. Then you will move on to create another block  inspired by something you have brought with you.


We will cover and printing techniques that you can try at home plus printing using a press.

And you will leave with multiple prints of you block.


No experience required.


All equipment and materials are provided to create a short print run.


Need to bring:
A packed lunch
Some inspiration for your linocut such as a sketchbook or photos


10.30am – 4pm





This informal weekly session is for lino printers who have completed a beginners course and wish to continue their printmaking journey or for experienced printers who would find it beneficial to work alongside other lino printers for a couple of hours a week.


This morning session is an opportunity to come together develop your craft, share your skills and learn together from each other.


MSP invites local lino printers to come and join our vibrant community of printmakers;

so whether you would like to cut lino over a cuppa or just come in and use the press, its a great way to support each other and pick up tips and techniques.


Thursday morning session 9.30am – 12 noon


Price per session £20



It is also possible to arrange a lino print workshop at MSP on a 1-1 basis at a time to suit you.


You would learn the basics:

  • how to make your artwork suitable for lino, looking at examples of artwork by other artists,
  • how to transfer your design onto the block
  • how to use the cutting tools safely to achieve different types of marks.


Firstly you would try carving a sample block, looking at mark making, creating positive and negative elements.


When your block is ready we can go through the different printing options and you will print your artwork using a couple of different methods.


Once you have completed your initial sample block print you will go on to produce a new larger composition employing all your new skills and knowledge which will be printed as a small edition towards the end of the session.


Equipment and materials will be provided for a small edition. Additional materials – lino / paper are available for purchase from MSP. You will need to bring a sketch book or some visuals that inspire you to help create your design.


We can arrange learn lino 1-1 as a series of 2 hour sessions, giving you time to work on your printing blocks in between classes or as a single day session.


3 x 2 hour sessions. £120


1 X 6 hour session. – £120

Please contact us to discuss scheduling options.


If you are an experienced printmaker and would like to hire the Relief Studio and Press for the day

this can be arranged.

It is a great opportunity to have the printing press to yourself and a bit of space to spread out – particularly good if you are printing editions.


£40 per person per day


*Newcomers will need to complete an induction which will familiarise you with MSP Studio Practice.


Occasionally it is possible to bring our Lino workshop to your venue.

This can work well for organised groups such as art clubs and schools or private group bookings for businesses etc

Prices vary depending on the group size, time and location, please contact MSP for more information.