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Screen printing is a very versatile method of printing onto a wide variety of flat surfaces from paper to textiles, MDF, cardboard or plastic.

Discover the possibilities of screen printing with one of our workshops or short courses.

We are often contacted by individuals who have an idea an idea of something they would like to print but they have no previous print experience – we would suggest our 1-1 print training or you could enrol on our screen printing for beginners.

We also offer Short ‘taster ‘ sessions as an introduction to screen printing, and intermediate sessions for those who wish to continue to explore the variety of options fascinating medium offers.

All our classes are designed around teaching small groups or individuals, so everyone receives ample attention and support, enabling our students to create and learn with confidence.



This Screen Print ‘taster’ workshop will be using a photographic stencils to create an image that you can print on to paper up to A3 size paper or fabric and /or a cotton tote bag.

It’s a chance to experience first-hand what you can do with screen print… why not have a go at turning a drawing into a small print edition …or a bag…or hand printed greetings cards…the possibility of screen print is endless- let this taster session wet your appetite for printing!


The process involves exposing an image onto a silk screen using a photographic technique, a method which allows a much greater degree of detail than a paper stencil.


You need to use a black and white image to create your screen, which then can be printed in any colour/ colours.


No print experience necessary.


All materials will be provided.


You will need to bring some original images in black and white – these can be doodles, drawings, artwork you have created digitally, photos or perhaps some words that you can use to create a colour print.


We can scan these at the studio [no larger than A3 size] or you can bring them saved as a jpeg or tiff on a memory stick.


4 Hours £65



Discover the possibilities of screen printing with this six week course – designed for beginners or as a refresher for those who need one.


This longer course gives students the opportunity to prepare additional artwork at home between sessions , an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the process from artwork creation to artwork preparation and printing.


We will look at different methods of producing stencils  – from paper stencils to hand drawn stencils to photographic stencils, and at ways in which they can be combined.


You will learn how to prepare your screen, prepare your inks and how to use a squeegee. We will examine different ways of applying colour, looking at aspects of transparency and opacity.


You will also learn how to register your print so that all the layers match up efficiently to create a single image. And we will have chance to trouble shoot if all isn’t going to plan.


Over the weeks you will have chance to create a number of multi layered screen prints which may be one of a kind or small editions.


Students should expect to pay for some additional materials.


6 x 3 Hour Session £200



Our intermediate level screen printing is aimed at those who have completed the beginners course but are not yet ready to go it alone.


This block of six afternoon printing sessions is intended for developing personal projects with a tutor on hand to offer technical advice where needed- a guiding hand as students gain confidence and start problem solving on their own.


Students may repeat the course as many times as they wish but it is intended as a stepping stone to working autonomously in the MSP studio.


Students will have access to all the MSP equipment but should expect to pay for materials such as hiring/coating screens and printing inks.


6 x 3 Hour Sessions £180



This short course will teach you key techniques used in modern printmaking to create a multi layered screen print.


You will be using photographic stencils to make up your screens.

These are created from your images using a technique much like photography.

Firstly you will prepare your artwork then expose you images onto a screen.


You will also learn how to prepare your water based inks, then register your image so that all the layers match up and finally of course how to print.


All equipment and materials will be provided to produce a small edition of prints – should you wish to print more further paper can be purchased from the tutor at cost price.


Two day course (10am – 4pm) £220



This is a great way to learn to screen print, particularly if;


  • you have some experience but need to brush up on a certain aspect of screen printing
  • you have a print project in mind but perhaps no print experience – in this case the session can be tailored to the project
  • you are new to screen printing and feel you will benefit from learning at your own pace


Our bespoke training is built around you and we will guide you through the processes, step by step


On a one day course you can realistically accomplish a two colour print.

If you wish to produce more complex prints we recommend that you come on a two day course.


This training aims to equip you with the skills and confidence to use the MSP studio facilities under your own steam or could be followed up with our Print Club intermediate course.


You will need to bring some artwork to print – which can be a drawing, photo or digital artwork.

This will be used to make a stencil or image on your screen.


It is advisable to send us an image of what you would like to produce so we can discuss how best to prepare the artwork ahead or your session.


We usually suggest that you bring the paper on which to print, as we have a limited supply of different papers, paper with a smooth surface works best.


You can also print on textiles -again a smooth surface works best.

The inks we use require the textiles to be ironed to fix the print so please bare this in mind.

For best results it is advisable to wash your fabric beforehand to remove any finishings on the fabric.


Please contact us to discuss scheduling options or if you have any further questions.


Students should expect to pay for some additional materials.


1 day session 1-1 £120.
2 day session 1-1 £200

Additional 1-1 days will be charged at £80 per day.